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Many video surveillance systems work only on certain computer platforms or with certain cellphones. Which means if your account wants to update to an IPhone for instance (the second fastest-selling smart phone in America), if your service doesn't support it, say goodbye to your account. The same goes for Vista or Windows 7. With iSee Video, accounts can upgrade without worry. iSee Video requires no special software, so if your account has a web browser and internet connection, they can view live video. Windows 7, Vista, XP, Mac OS, Unix and Linux all work with iSee Video.

iSee Video offers a downloadable app for Blackberries, with another in development for the iPhone and iPod Touch. In the meantime, these users will find live video, pan and tilt capabilities and more. And new iSee Video Virtual Keypad, which will let your accounts control their alarm system from their computer or web-enabled cell phone, as though they were standing in front of their keypad.

A professional system installed by professionals

Self-installed kits which combine security and video rely on cheap sensors and cameras, are a frequent cause of false alarms and have poor quality video. With iSee Video you use the right camera for the application, and high quality sensors ensure reliability. The top selling wireless cameras on the market today are easily hacked, allowing others to look in on your accounts' homes or businesses. With iSee Video, video is secure, with security verified by VeriSign

Easy to use with versatile upgrades available

  • Works with Blackberries and iPhones, as well as any computer operating system.
  • Passwords which only the consumer controls and knows - no calls to you and no sticky privacy issues.
  • No dedicated phone or computer line needed, no computer needed on premises.
  • Generous storage with more available as you need it.





iBridge® Connected Home Services App & Optional Touchscreen/Tablet

Control Alarm, Video, Temperature, Lighting & Locking via Z-Wave: New App for iPhone/Droid &/or New Touchscreen/Tablet provide services your customers will Love - Turn on/off lights and alarms; lock/unlock doors;, set thermostats or set moods or scenes; view local and remote video, get email messages & video clips. Use Award-winning wireless WiFi 802.11, slim and portable full-color tablet. -OR- Matching iBridge App for iPhone/iPad & Droid. Get iBridge Fact Sheet with System Configurations

iBridge Automated
Z-Wave™ Device Home Controls, More Convenient for Accounts & Dealers by Design
: iBridge home controls including indoor and outdoor lights, dimmers, thermostats, locks and small appliances operate using Z-Wave, a proven, wireless mesh networking technology that is a standard in wireless home control. Devices can be manually activated, locally or remotely, and set to respond with custom scenes, schedules or occupancy, ie, when a room is entered lights light, temperature is increased, etc.(even when the system is disarmed.) Anytime a custom scene is created a button with the same name is automatically added to the Scenes Screen, so that it can later be manually activated at will, too.

Z-Wave Device Control is provided by iBridge’s affordable bus-mount Z-Wave Module IBR-ZREMOTEMOD. Uniquely, and more cost-effectively, with Napco, it is not necessary to have a touchscreen on the system for home control automation. (See configuration diagrams below).

Napco No-Roll™ Customer Service Calls & Service Enhancements. With iBridge, editing and adding Z-Wave devices is made easy, and uniquely remote-configurable by dealers from their own smart devices, smart phone or iPad/tablets. No trucks need to be rolled to amend security system or Z-Wave device settings, scenes or schedules 





Gemini Virtual Keypad is a mirror-image remote control keypad on a web-based interface, fully-functional and accessible online from any web browser on any PC or iphone smartphone anywhere in the world. (Blackberry support coming soon.) Account’s virtual keypad access is securely password protected, available online 24/7 and offers subscribers complete system control online accessed from the dealer’s own Napco-provided website from, customized free of charge with the alarm companies’ own logo and contact information. The remote keypad gives customers the control of their alarm system, reassurance of knowing the status of their premises, like a child returning home from school, or the time that a chainstore opened.

Dealers can do service-call-free remote troubleshooting or updates, making keypad programming changes and instantaneously seeing the exact system status, before and after, without ever traveling to the premises, expending time or gas, using the remote online keypad to make a ‘free’ service call day or night.

The only equipment necessary for Virtual Keypad capability on any Gemini System is the iRemote Module (iRemote-MOD/12) , which includes 12-months of subscriber access, and is also included in the iRemote 64 Pak with the GEMP1664 panel and GEM-K1VPS multifunction keypad. (see ordering info. below or download spec sheet).

Seamless integration with iSee Video Remote Video, too.

For a truly Total Remote Package, last but not least, the iRemote Module capability can be combined with complementary Napco’s iSee Video, which can be seamlessly accessed from the same video subscriber website, off, so accounts can control their security system remotely on a PC or iPhone and also view iSee Video real-time or stored images and or streaming video from their on-premises cameras, conveniently on their PC or smartphone, eg., iPhone and Blackberry with free downloadable “VIDEO” App. 

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