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The OHP 8000 plays audio directly from any USB Flash Drive for continuous playback.  

To add new audio content, just copy any mp3 file from your PC to the USB flash drive.

Includes a 128MB  USB Flash Drive that is preloaded with nearly 3 hours of great sounding, fully licensed music & messages -- so it’s all ready to go, right out of the box. 

High quality audio playback coupled with up to 140 hours of playback time (via any off-the-shelf  

2GB USB Flash drive) makes the OHP 8000 suitable for background music, Storecasting and

music/message on-hold applications. 


128MB USB Flash Drive - Load new MP3 audio from any Mac or PC.

PC connection...strictly optional - Unit uses PC only to update content stored on USB

Flash Drive.

Rugged Anodized Aluminum Enclosure - Tough wall-mountable enclosure built to

withstand the toughest installations.

Built-in Monitor Speaker - Listen to audio program from integrated speaker.

Trigger switch jack – Allows connection of momentary switch to restart the audio from

the beginning. Perfect for audio kiosk applications.

Auto start after power loss - Retains stored preferences such as: music selection,

repeat mode and volume settings. If power to the unit is lost, unit immediately returns to

continuous playback with all settings without human intervention.

Ready to go right out of the box - Pre-Loaded with nearly 3 hours of fully-licensed

music & messages.

MessageStudio software - Allows users to create new on-hold audio content with voice

and music on their PC with a few mouse clicks. Then, just transfer the file directly to the USB

Flash Drive.

Free personalization - A free professionally-voiced, personalized on-hold production is

provided to the customer automatically when the product is registered. 

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