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Total Home Remote Control

Johnson Electronic Services can provide you with Total Home Control

in your hands. All in one remote control.


TRC-1280 Touch Screen Handheld Remote

It may look like the remote control of your childhood, but don't be fooled! The TRC-1280 features a bright, colorful LCD and responds when you touch an icon with your fingertip. It also features intuitively placed buttons to control all options quickly and conveniently.

When not in use, the TRC-1280 sits in its charger base to assure that it's always fully-powered and ready for action — and that you'll always know where to find it. Both remote and charger are designed to match any décor.


TRC-780 Handheld Remote Control

Big in features yet smaller in size, the TRC-780 delivers most of the functionality of its larger kin and displays information on a modern, dazzling color OLED interface. It's elegant design will look great on your coffee table — and you'll appreciate how the ergonomic design fits your hand like it were made just for you.

Handy Red-Blue-Green-Yellow color buttons facilitate access to certain cable and satellite box commands. And like all URC remotes that use RF, you can control A/V components through doors, floors and walls — even from outside.


TKP-2000 In-wall Two-Way Network Touchscreen

You'll be the envy of the neighborhood when you control your home with a beautiful, stylish TKP-2000. Because it's permanently connected to your home's wireless network, the TKP-2000 is always ready with real-time information about your environment. With the press of one button you can dim the lights, fire up your favorite play list from your iPod and set your surround sound system to the correct volume. You can also watch what's happening in the backyard when you have your installer add URC surveillance cameras to your system.

This is the controller no kitchen should be without! Check weather, traffic, thermostat, security alarm settings — or simply tune in Pandora ® or your favorite internet music service. You'll never wonder "What happened to the remote?" because it's always right there in the wall, at eyelevel.


iPad and iPhone Control

With our Total Control app, you can now turn your iDevices into friendly, mobile controllers for your home system. This powerful app puts it right in your hands. Monitor, manage and control your entertainment, lights, climate, security and more within your home or building. No per-device fee makes this a welcome addition to every Total Control system. And, like all URC remotes, we've taken great care with a sophisticated design that is easy on the eyes and easy for everyone to use!

(Please note: Total Control Mobile requires a WiFi connection to the local area network that is host to the Total Control MRX-10 and other devices. Coming in the future – secure external access!)


TKP-100 In-wall Network Keypad with Hard Buttons

There are situations where you want the convenience of an in-wall, dedicated keypad that's always ready and never lost, but don't need all of the features of the colorful TKP-2000. That's where the TKP-100, with its clearly labeled, backlit buttons, literally shines!

The TKP-100 is a simple, modern in-wall interface that's unobtrusive yet gorgeous. Have one installed at the top of the basement steps and you can control lighting and music, for example, before you go downstairs. Or have one placed in the garage, near the entrance to your home. It's handy to be able to make the "one last check" to confirm that the houselights are off before leaving home.



Tuned to perfection.

Our products deliver the highest quality music, with so many sources to choose from, including your personal music collection, internet radio, SiriusXM®, Rhapsody®, Pandora®, your legacy vinyl and iPod.

DMS-1200 Multi-Zone Network Amplifier

Listen to all of your favorite music anywhere in your home. No matter where you keep your music — CD collection, iPod, computer hard drive or online internet service — the DMS-1200 can find it and provide you with crystal-clear audio that's professional quality and sounds as good as the original source.

URC uses ground-breaking "network streaming media" technology that delivers great sound. This means you'll listen to CD-quality audio that's not compressed and noisy. Your neighbors will envy the sound quality of your system.

Future-proof your whole-house audio system. Add the DMS-1200 scalable multi-zone network amplifier and rest assured that your system will never have a limit on the number of music sources that can be added.

DMS-100 Single-Zone Amplifier

The DMS-100 single-room amplifier makes it easy to add premium audio quality streams to any one area of your home.

The larger DMS-1200 amplifier can send music to up to 32 separate areas of your home (including outside). So why on Earth would you need a smaller DMS-100 amplifier? Suppose that you have a legacy audio device in an upstairs bedroom and you want to share it on the network with the other rooms in your house. Your installer can add a DMS-100 to that room and — presto! Enjoy the music in that room, and you can send that music to the centrally located DMS-1200 for distribution throughout your home.


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