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Speco Technologies new OnSIP™ IP Cameras are ONVIF™ compatible and will work with any IP based device or NVR with the same compatibility.

This functionality makes a Speco IP system solution cost effective and easier to meet customer needs

The complete line of Speco Technologies OnSIP™ IP Series includes bullet, dome, speed dome and traditional cameras.

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Reasons to use IP cameras

• Scale of project, the project needs a large number of cameras.
• Large area to be covered, multiple buildings with multiple floors.
• Existing/unused network infrastructure
• Multiple areas for monitoring
• Remote access required for monitoring
• Mobile access, i.e. iPhone®, Blackberry®, or Android™
• Physical barriers, like distance and layout
• Installation costs: It can be expensive to 'home run' individual video paths. This can include the cost of cable.
• Flexibility and adaptability.
• Centralization of security for data storage.


Where is IP Surveillance Beneficial?

An IP CCTV system is beneficial when a network already exists. When setting up an IP CCTV system you must figure the cost of IP cameras/NVR & network switches, contrast with baluns (active or passive) & distance from camera to wiring closet.

An IP network is beneficial when there is a need for multiple or diverse viewing locations. IP cameras are advantageous when it is important that the video needs to be viewable by multiple people in multiple locations.


How Do I Ensure that IP is Right For My Customer?

The IP Solution should be practical and profitable. Not every large project needs IP cameras. Confirm that IP is in line with the customer's expectations and requirements.

You should work closely with your customer to ensure that you are aware of all physical and budgetary constraints before any installation has started. Remember if there are any challenges, analog and IP can be used in unison in one CCTV system. Make sure you deliver ALL the 'needs' and as many 'wants' as possible.


Megapixel IP Cameras

Megapixel cameras can provide far more detail then traditional analog cameras. Megapixel cameras are IP cameras built around Megapixel technology. These cameras produce large, hi-resolution images. The high resolution improves the camera's ability to zoom on live view and playback. The higher resolution and clarity of a Megapixel IP camera means more data. The data files transmitted are also larger. When installing any Megapixel IP cameras bandwidth should be considered. The more data the camera transmits the more bandwidth the camera needs. Working closely with your customer will determine the bandwidth considerations for the job. Bandwidth can be conserved by reducing the "resolution" of the transmitted image. The bandwidth of a camera can be throttled. When there is an event the camera uses the bandwidth it needs to transmit data. When there is no event its only using the bandwidth that is set by the network administrator, this is bandwidth throttling.




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