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NEC DSX Digital Telephone System Brochure

NEC DSX 40 Telephone System


The NEC DSX-40 represents the next generation of NEC DS Series platforms, and is designed for residential and small commercial applications. The system shares station equipment, IntraMail voice mail, and programming design with the NEC DSX-80/160. The standard NEC DSX-40 configuration provides 4 CO/line ports, 8 digital station ports, 2 analog station ports, and 2 analog doorbox ports with relay controls. The system is easy to install and expands easily to 8 lines with 24 business phones or 18 single-line phones, or a mixture of both, via expansion cards. Johnson Electronic Services sells and services the NEC DSX 40 Telephone SystemNEC DSX 40 carries a 2 Year Warranty and if the product is sold and installed by us we will give you a 2 Year Labor Warranty.

NEC DSX 80 / 160


NEC designed the DSX hybrid key system from the ground up with affordability in mind. High-density circuitry maximizes economy per port. Native support for T1 and ISDN PRI provides maximum connectivity for a low initial investment. The NEC DSX system offers high performance, flexibility and the ability to custom design a system that meets your company's specific telecommunication requirements. Innovation starts with the new ergonomically styled NEC DSX telephones. All models feature the same thin, floating design, two-position angle adjustment for effortless viewing of the large LCD display, and built-in wall mounting. Advanced features and intuitive soft keys provide users with one-button access to extensions, lines and system features. With many models to choose from, each user can enjoy customized service and performance. The NEC DSX features a family of telephones that sets the new standard in office communications.

NEC DSX Telephone PDF Brochure


 Panasonic Digital TDA50 Telephone System 

Panasonic TDA50 Telephone System Brochure



Panasonic KX-TDA50 Digital Hybrid Phone System  

KX-TDA50 Digital Hybrid IP-PBX System 4x4 Max 55 Ports

Digital Hybrid IP-PBX Business Phone Systems. Has 4 Super Hybrid Extension Ports (for KX-TDA5170) and 4 ports for loop start CO cards (KX-TDA5180). Outside lines come in sets of 4. Supports Analog phones and single line- Ports, up to 40 Ports. CO's (incoming lines) up to 12. Max 24 (wired) Phones (48 with DXDP).

Panasonic KX-TDA200 Key Features

  • Telephone Compatibility: Works with all of the Panasonic KX-T7000, KX-T7400, 7600, 7720, 7731, 7750 series and KX-NT136, KX-NT265 and SLTs

  • Multi-Cell Wireless:
  • Maximum Cell Stations (Antennas): Up to 8
  • Maximum Portable Handsets: Up to 28
  • Maximum Doorphones: Up to 4
  • Maximum Door Opener Contacts: Up to 4
  • Max Voice Message (OGM) ChannelsUp to 2 :
  • Maximum Voice Processing Systems: 1 unit
  • BGM/MOH (Music on Hold) Inputs: 2
  • External Paging Outputs: 1
  • RS232C/SMDR Output: 1
  • USB Ports: 1
  • Voice Over IP Gateway (with QSIG):
  • Voice Over IP Extension: No
  • SD Card:, for storing system software and local database information.
  • TAPI 2.1 Compliant:, Telephone Application Programming Interface Compliant
  • Automatic Callback Busy (Camp On):
  • System Speed Dialing: 1000 Numbers and 32 Digits each per tenant
  • Account Codes:.
  • Conferencing:, 3 to 8-parties per conference (32 parties total)
  • Incoming Call Distribution:.
  • Universal Call Distribution:.
  • Direct Inward System Access (DISA):, with optional KX-TDA5191 2-Channel Message Card:
  • Call Forwarding:Yes.
  • Caller ID/Call Logging:.
  • Digital Voice Mail Integration:, digital integration with Pan voice processing systems.
  • Live Call Screening:, DPITS only (requires optional TVA Voice Processing System)
  • Remote Live Call Screening:, DPITS only (requires optional TVA Voice Processing System)
  • Two-Way Record:, DPITS only (requires optional TVA Voice Processing System)
  • Two-Way Transfer:, DPITS only (requires optional TVA Voice Processing System)
  • Intercom Paging:.
  • Direct Mailbox Access.
  • Auto Configuration.
  • Caller ID Routing.
  • Caller ID Name Announce.
  • Caller ID Personal Greeting.
  • View Absent Message Capability.
  • A.R.S. (Automatic Route Selection):.
  • Automated Attendant (with DISA/OGM):.
  • Automated CO Hunting:.
  • Automatic Fault Logging:.
  • Call Hunting (Terminal or Circular):.
  • Call Log
  • Call Parking Zones
  • Call Park Retrieve
  • Call Pick Up
  • Call Transfer/Transfer Recall
  • Call Waiting
  • Caller ID, Call Log Lock
  • Caller ID, Callback
  • Caller ID, Call Waiting
  • Caller ID Callback
  • Caller ID Date and Time Adjust
  • Class of Service
  • CO Limited Duration Timer
  • CO Line Names
  • CO Line Status, two color LED
  • Data Line Security, for Fax or Modem
  • Date and Time Display
  • Delayed Ringing
  • D.I.L. (Direct in Line)
  • D.I.S.A. Single Digit Access
  • Distinctive Ringing Tone (Doorphones)
  • D.N.D. (Do Not Disturb) with override
  • Door Intercoms/Door Opener Contacts
  • DSS/BLF Consoles
  • Dual Port Usage (Parallel SLT Station)
  • Duration Time of Call Display
  • Electronic Station Lock
  • Emergency Call # Programming
  • Extension Groups
  • Extension Name on Display when Idle
  • Exclusive Hold
  • Executive Override
  • Executive Override Deny
  • External Modem Support
  • Fax Transfer
  • Flexible CO Keys, DSS/BLF and One Touch Dial
  • Flexible DSS Keys, One Touch and Feature Access
  • Flexible Key Assignments
  • Flexible Line Assignment
  • Flexible Night Service/Programmable/Manual
  • Flexible Ringing Assignment (Day, Night)
  • Flexible Ring Assignment (Lunch)
  • Flexible Station Numbering
  • Hands-Free Answer Back Intercom
  • Handset/Headset-Display Phones
  • Hold
  • Hold Recall/Reminder
  • Hotel/Motel Features:
    1. Ring Message Waiting
    2. Remote Station Lock
    3. Quick Dialing
    4. Room Status
  • Industry Std Telephone Capability
  • Intercom
  • Internal Call Paging (All Call Paging)
  • Internal Paging (Zone Paging)
  • Last Number Redial
  • Limited Call Duration
  • Login/Logout (Hunt, Ring, UCD)
  • Lunch/Break Mode Memory Back-up
  • Message Waiting -
  • Message Waiting SLT
  • Military Time Display
  • M.O.H. (Music on Hold)
  • Multilingual Displays, 5
  • Multiple Voice Mail Lamps
  • Off-Hook Tone Signaling
  • Off-Hook Monitoring (KX-T7431, KX-7433, 7436, 7600 Series)
  • Off-Hook Voice Announce (KX-T7235, T7436, 7600 Series)
  • On-Site Programming Diagnostics
  • Operator Call
  • Power Failure Transfer
  • Pre-Selection (Central Office or Intercom) Privacy Release
  • Remote Programming and Diagnostics Modem
  • Remote Station Lock Control
  • Ring Groups Ring Groups DISA
  • Ringing Line Preference Saved Number Redial
  • Secret Dialing
  • Seven Day ARS Time Tables
  • Station Name Display
  • Station to Station Messaging
  • Station Speed Dial Numbers, 100 numbers, 32 digits each
  • T.A.F.A.S. (Trunk Answer from any Station)
  • CSTA Compliant
  • Timed Reminder
  • Timed Reminder, Remote
  • Toll Restriction
  • Toll Restriction Override
  • Tone/Pulse Conversation
  • Tone/Pulse Dialing (By CO Line)
  • Transfer (Screened/Unscreened)
  • Trunk Groups
  • Unattended Conference Call
  • Uniform Call Distribution, with or without OGM
  • Automatic Configuration, DPITS only
  • Walking Class of Service
  • Whisper OHCA
  • Dimensions (H x W x D) 14.5'' x 11.8'' x 3.75''


Panasonic TDA50 Telephone System Brochure





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